What is it?

Madrid International Lab is an initiative of Madrid Emprende, the Economic Development Agency of Madrid City Council, created with the goal of attracting, developing loyalty among and promoting international talent in Madrid.


Madrid International Lab is a unique space dedicated to assisting international organizations, global entrepreneurs, and foreign businesses in starting up in the City.



What does Madrid International Lab offer?

Madrid International Lab is a business friendly environment that offers:

- office space equipped with the technical and logistical tools necessary to create start-ups.

- a beautiful, historical building in Madrid´s city centre

- on-site consulting on tax, labor, and accounting issues, among others, in order to start a business and operate successfully in the city.

- a (local) tax-free zone for international entrepreneurs dedicated to the creative and cultural industries and to foreign businesses.

- access to Madrid´s municipal seed capital fund "Madrid Emprende Seed Capital", which will invest both in newly created projects and in consolidated start-ups.

- integration into Madrid´s entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting of Madrid Emprende Business Incubators Network, investors, mentors, professionals, consultants, etc

- it hosts the headquarters for Europe and Israel of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) 


Working Rules


With the Madrid Startups Service in the Madrid International Lab, Madrid Emprende aims to attract, develop loyalty among and promote international talent in Madrid offering a coworking space for international entrepreneurs and on-site consulting to startup a business. 
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With the Soft Landing Madrid Service in the Madrid International Lab, Madrid Emprende offers the foreing companies a professional tema and a place with one goal in mind: to help you start out in Madrid. 

Convocatoria BOAM abierta (SPA)
More info about Soft Landing Madrid here:


Contact Details:


Madrid International Lab
C/ Bailen, 41 28013 Madrid

Tel: +3491 480 47 72
Mail: invest@madrid.es



More info on twitter: @madridemprende and the hashtags #MadridLab #IntLab #MadridInternationalLab



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